Casa de Solana Bed and Breakfast

St. Augustine, FL  

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Historic Inn and the 7th oldest property in St. Augustine on the oldest settled street in the country. The inn has 10 guest rooms and eleven bathrooms. Out of the 10 guest rooms eight have king beds and 2 are queens. 6 rooms have balcony access. 6 rooms have whirlpools and 6 fireplaces. The parlor and dining room have fireplaces accounting for 8 fireplaces on the property (gas and electric). Casa de Solana has provided a host of wedding venues and are available year round. The large walled in courtyard makes for an ideal private and intimate wedding setting. We have a parking off-site which is about a 3 block walk back to the inn. It is shared with two other bed and breakfasts. The parking lot will be including in the purchase price of the inn.

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