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Helm Street

Brookfield, MO  

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What better place to have a bed and breakfast than in a town smack dab in the middle of 200 miles of history! Whether you are traveling east or west, Highway 36 is knows as The Way of American Genius. Many of Missouri's most well known figures were born and grew up along this historic stretch of the Hwy. Ever heard of Mark Twain, Walt Disney, General John J. Pershing, J.C. Penney, The Pony Express or the home of Slice Bread? This is a great place for a Bed and Breakfast with so many travelers visiting these historic places. Did I mention we also have an amazing Hot Air Balloon Derby every year Labor Day weekend!

Property Details
  • Potential Inn
  • 8 Guest Rooms
  • 3 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 1910
  • Building is 2,320 SQFT
  • Lot is 1.23 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Property Website
Financial Details
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