Bent Mountain Lodge Bed And Breakfast, Inc.

Copper Hill, VA  

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Hello everyone from Bent Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast. We are looking forward to starting our 18th year with many new visitors at our lodge. We also hope 2022 will bring lots of our previous guests back as we have enjoyed each and every person who have visited or stayed with us during the past years and consider many of you good friends. 2021 we had folks from 42 states and 14 countries. We thank those who did return last year. Some of you return every year for anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions and that really means a lot and tells us we are doing something right. It's always a joy to see you again and we will continue to try to make your visits a pleasant experience. Having folks return is the greatest compliment you can give Bonnie and I and our pets. They really love having you here also. We are already preparing for a busy season of weddings and family reunions as well as normal visitor traffic to the area and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We had a record year in 2021, and we are hoping for amazing weather this year which always adds to the beauty on our Mountain. It's always exciting to see what the blooming season brings each year. The pretty flowers and trees really love showing their faces up on this mountain. We have kept our lodge updated and will continue to do so to make sure your visit here will forever be remembered. Our website has online reservation capability which works well and shows availability real time. We have Facebook websites and hope you will help us by forwarding this info to your friends and family to expand our base of clients. Take a look at our suites on the left side of each page and select one that meets your needs. We value all of our friends and clients and hope to see you all return and visit with us in our home. We have lots of space for weddings, family reunions, retreats, bridal showers, birthday parties, scrap booking retreats, quilting retreats, and many other events and celebrations of all kinds. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and we are Animal Friendly. Thank you for your interest in Bent Mountain Lodge. Bonnie and Jesse Lawrence

Property Details
  • 11 Guest Rooms
  • 11 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 1990
  • Last Renovated in 2018
  • Opened in 2004
  • Building is 15,000 SQFT
  • Lot is 13 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Property Website
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