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Altamont, TN  

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• The Historical Moffit Manor in Tennessee Is Listed For Sale After Complete Renovation

• June 03, 2020, 08:04 AM


• The historic Moffitt Manor is one of the premier residences in the state of Tennessee. This property is a stately manor high atop a mountain in middle Tennessee. Recently the Moffitt manor has been completely renovated. As a completely renovated property, the Motif Manor is now listed on the national historic registry. As a property listed on the national historical registry in the center of the small town of Altamont TN, the Moffitt Manor is among the most popular features in the state.

• Anyone interested in buying this property will have an opportunity to live in a convenient centralized location since it is in the center of the small town of Altamont, TN. Since the Moffitt Manor is located high atop a mountain in middle Tennessee, residents will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the local community. Along with being in a convenient location and enjoying excellent views of the surrounding area, the Motif Mansion offers plenty of amenities that will satisfy any future homeowner of a luxury property.

• As well as being a place to reside, the new owner also gets its website ranking in Google for an in-place income at So anyone who purchases this home also has a website already ranking for the new owners


• One of the most notable characteristics of the Moffitt Mansion is that it provides residents with upscale living. With upscale living, residents will be able to enjoy a spacious 12 room 1856 mansion. As part of this listed spacious 12 room 1856 estate, a homeowner will enjoy six spacious bedrooms. The home also includes many other features such as large living and family rooms, a chef's kitchen, an executive office, a parlor, designer wallcoverings, and French chandeliers.

• Large living and family rooms

• As part of upscale living, the Motif mansion offers ample living and family rooms that will give a homeowner plenty of space to enjoy entertainment and hosting guests. The living room of this spacious 12 room 1856 mansion offers plenty of space to enable residents and guests to host parties as well as sit down and enjoy movies and television shows. Along with the living room, the Motif mansion also has multiple family rooms that can be used as a den and even a place to accommodate guests.

• Bedrooms

The Moffit manor includes six spacious bedrooms that will give the owner plenty of places to sleep at any time. With six bedrooms, the Moffit mansion is ideal for large families as well as hosting multiple guests, a local B&B, or for a Tennessee Mountain Vacation Destination or office rentals. It also sits across from the county seat, including the Court House and Post Office, and Is located in the center of town. Therefore, the six-bedroom mansion offers residents to live in a house that can serve a variety of purposes.

• Chefs Kitchen

Like all other houses, the Moffit mansion has a kitchen used to prepare meals and get access to food and beverages. As a luxury property, the Moffit mansion includes a chef's kitchen. With this type of cuisine, the homeowner of this home will be able to use a large spacious kitchen that offers advanced appliances for cooking. With a variety of other appliances and tables for cooking and preparing meals, the kitchen will allow an owner to prepare meals regularly efficiently.

• Executive Office

The Moffit mansion also includes an executive office. This is a very spacious office that is ideal for anyone looking to complete work-related tasks from home and hold meetings with business clients and acquaintances.

• Parlor

This property also includes a parlor, which is another room that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for a den, host parties, host family gatherings,

Property Details
  • Former Inn
  • 8 Guest Rooms
  • 3 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 1856
  • Last Renovated in 2019
  • Opened in 1868
  • Building is 4,400 SQFT
  • Lot is 1 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
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