Mountain View Cabins

Mountainburg, AR  

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7 cabins and each have there own unique qualities. One is fully furnished and set as Airbnb that produces really well. Al are fully occupied and have monthly tenants. Each Cabin sizes range from 500 SQ ft -2100 sq ft and is currently being operated year round as a luxury getaway with a few short term tenants and Airbnb cabins. Perfect to operate as a mountain getaway and could be a perfect bed and breakfast and plenty of room for a garden, to offer organic fresh food options to guests. Smokeless fire pit on one cabin property and washer and dryer in most units. I cannot express how this place needs to have an owner who has the time and expression to turn this into a beautiful grounds. The potential is limitless and most cabins have plenty of space for hot tubs if interested. You have got to come see the value and variety this 2 acre oasis has to offer. Exceptional opportunity. Motivated seller.

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