Chipman Inn

Ripton, VT   Offered for sale at $1,100,000

Is the inn truly on the market? In a manner of speaking, yes. The current owners hold a deep affection for the inn—its rich history, cherished guests, and the joy derived from revitalizing it for the centuries ahead. Yet, managing such an establishment as a family of six, especially with young children, sometimes leads them to contemplate a life without the responsibilities of innkeeping. Open to the possibility of passing the torch, they are interested in finding someone who might excel in, and perhaps even more thoroughly enjoy, the stewardship of this beloved property. Hence, they have entrusted the fate of the inn to the serendipity of this dedicated innShopper website, in hopes that the right individual will emerge to carry forward its legacy.

Strategically Enhanced for Maximum Potential:

The stewardship of the Chipman Inn has seen significant renovations and operational improvements. Technological advancements have been embraced, including a state-of-the-art contactless check-in system, which not only elevates the guest experience but also streamlines management processes. These enhancements, alongside eco-friendly practices and unique guest services, have contributed to a notable increase in revenue per available room (REVPAR), underscoring the inn’s lucrative potential.

In April, the kitchen will be updated to meet the latest health and fire code standards, featuring commercial ventilation systems. This renovation is a testament to the commitment to excellence and readiness for future growth.

Key Highlights Include:

Prime Location: Just 5 minutes from Middlebury College's Bread Loaf campus and 15 minutes from the main campus, the inn’s tranquil setting offers not only a serene retreat for guests but also convenient access for those visiting the college. This proximity positions the Chipman Inn as an ideal choice for college-related visitors seeking quality accommodation near these esteemed educational institutions.

Luxurious Accommodations: The Chipman Inn boasts 11 beautifully appointed rooms, currently configured to offer six guest rooms—each with its own bathroom, including two that are ADA accessible. This setup accommodates the innkeepers' six-person family in five rooms, complete with 4.5 baths. The inn's flexible layout affords potential owners a variety of living options, whether choosing to reside on-site or operate remotely. For off-site innkeepers, the property seamlessly transitions to fully utilize all 11 rooms for guests, maximizing both occupancy and revenue potential.

Innovative Operations: The contactless check-in system, equipped with automatic key code generation, exemplifies a dedication to efficiency and guest convenience.

Captivating Grounds: The well-maintained property of 5.9 acres offers guests a tranquil Vermont escape, enhancing their experience and connection to nature.

A Turnkey Property with a Vision for the Future:

The Chipman Inn represents more than just an investment; it's a forward-moving business primed for success. It appeals to visionary entrepreneurs eager to capitalize on a property that combines historical charm with operational efficiency and growth potential. With all groundwork laid, the inn is ready for an owner to take the reins and continue its legacy of exceptional hospitality.

Seize this Opportunity:

Potential investors are invited to explore this unique opportunity to become a part of Chipman Inn’s next chapter. For further details or to schedule a visit, contact is encouraged. Discover how one can be at the forefront of Ripton's hospitality evolution, leveraging a property built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and potential.

Property Details
  • 11 Guest Rooms
  • 10 Guest Room Baths
  • Built in 1828
  • Last Renovated in 2023
  • Opened in 1970
  • Building is 5,285 SQFT
  • Lot is 5.9 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Property Website
Financial Details
  • Offered for sale at $1,100,000
  • Occupancy Rate: 10.24
  • Average Daily Rate: 209.27
  • Annual revenue is $130,000
  • Prequalify for Financing
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