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Manteo, NC  

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Manteo, North Carolina, is a popular destination in itself, with a main street collection of shops and boutiques. It also acts as the entry point for the beaches and sights of the Outer Banks and the Barrier Islands. This enviable position brings tourists to the area in substantial numbers in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Roanoke Island holds a special place in the history of the United States. The first British settlement established itself on Roanoke Island in 1585. In 1587 a ship arrived with provisions for the colony, but the colony was nowhere to be found. The disappearance of 115 members of the colony remains a mystery. Its disappearance has led to the reference “the lost colony” which in no small way contributes to the visitor traffic in the 21st century.

The original owners of the White Doe Inn, Theodore and Rosa Meekins, came to Roanoke Island in 1898 moving from Rodanthe, NC, one of the villages south of Orgon Inlet. This Outer Banks NC Bed and Breakfast for sale has undergone continuous upgrades in the hands of its current owners, only the second owners of the property. This Select Registry Inn remains in excellent condition today.

The White Doe Inn’s location has led to strong gross sales over the last three years. While Bed and Breakfast sales are strong at the Inn, the owners are currently expanding the dining program, offering guests options from lite fare to upscale bistro offerings. Other opportunities consist of catering, weddings, and packages tied to the local activities. The White Doe is a prime example of an Inn ready for new owners to develop the countless opportunities available to it.

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