Tin Lizzie Inn

Fish Camp, CA  

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The Tin Lizzie Inn
Yosemite National Park, America's most beautiful National Park with some of the largest trees to be found in the world. El Capitan the world's largest granite monolith which challenges rock climbers from around the globe, and Yosemite Falls, one of the world's highest waterfalls plunging over 2000 ft. Rivers, hiking trails, and spectacular rock formations make Yosemite a world-class vacation spot. People from around the globe choose Tin Lizzie Inn for accommodations while vacationing in Yosemite.
Tin Lizzie Inn was completed in 2006 and is situated at an elevation of 5200 feet and 2 miles outside of Yosemite National Park’s southern entrance. The Inn serves as a popular place to stay while visiting the park with over 90% occupancy during the summer months. This bed and breakfast is new construction yet it appears to be a restored victorian of the 1890s. The Inn was built with 10’ ceilings, period hardware throughout the house, antique doorknobs, hinges, heater vents, washbasins, original fireplace mantel’s, pull chain toilets and lighting all from the late 1800s. This provides a nostalgic look into the past without the problems of old wiring and plumbing. The Inn consists of two guest rooms and owner quarters.

Note if you are planning to run an Inn as a couple, I would recommend a small Inn with luxury rooms that demand a higher rate or a large establishment. A couple can manage 3 rooms, but more than that you will need to add staff, and with the additional staff, there will be an increase in expenses, heat, cooling, furnishings, maintenance, etc. Depending on occupancy and room revenue you may find small is better.

The TinLizzie Inn is small but profitable. The suite is the entire second floor of the inn and measures 24x23 feet with a king-size bed, sitting area with fireplace and TV. The suite has an adjoining sleeping room which can be used for children or adults. The bathroom is 14x14 feet with heated tile floor, heated towel warmer, air-jetted slipper tub, and a walk-in shower, with 3 shower heads and body sprays. There also is a private balcony for dining and relaxing. The second guest room is a two-story cottage that is attached to the main house. You enter through a private entrance with French doors and patio with the sitting and breakfast area. Enter through French doors into the living room. The bedroom and bath are upstairs. The basement of the Inn is just under 1200 square feet. This allows us to store up to six Model A’ Fords. We rent out the original old cars to anyone staying in the area for $400 to 450 per day. Half-day rental is $250. Driving through Yosemite National Park in an original Model A Ford is often the husband's favorite part of the trip. (The Model A’s can be sold with the Inn.) This provides additional income separate from the Inn. We provide rides for our guests in a 1915 Model T Ford which we will include with the Inn. We also make the Model T touring car available for couples who are getting married in the park for $400 up to four hours.?
We have enjoyed interesting people from around the world as they visit Yosemite National Park.

If you choose to purchase the Inn it will probably pay all of its own expenses, including the mortgage, and we will be on call to provide training and assistance for the first year.

David & Sheran

Property Details
  • 2 Guest Rooms
  • 2 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 2006
  • Last Renovated in 2018
  • Opened in 2006
  • Building is 2,750 SQFT
  • Lot is 0.25 Acres
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