Van Buren House

Amarillo, TX  

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This historic, 100-year-old estate home exudes grace. The masterful beauty of its Classical architecture is balanced with an unapologetically youthful appreciation for fashion and design. While intelligent and dignified, the home possesses a disarming playfulness and charm. This is made evident in the historically sensitive remodel, which marries the glamour of a '20s estate with a contemporary air. A palette of regal teals adorns walls and custom cabinets, while Chinoiserie wallpaper and artistic flourishes spark associations of some past age—perhaps of Paris in the ‘20s. From bejeweled bedrooms to stately living areas, the home has a certain couture quality. Guests are invited to experience luxury in every detail from the majestic to the minute, from sweeping balconies to beautifully branded monograms. Consider this utterly enchanting home the southern equivalent of Downton Abbey.

The newly built guest apartment is a jewel box of a space, sparkling with glass tile, quartz countertops, and gemstone cabinet pulls. Botanical motifs, velvet bedding, and fur accents give the space a feeling of upscale bohemia. Connecting the two spaces is an expansive garden lot and newly refinished outdoor pavilion—a gorgeous place to entertain guest and host alfresco dinners under the stars (and beneath a lavish light installation that adorns every tree limb). Mature trees and impeccably manicured grounds create an atmosphere of refined tranquility. Every aspect of the estate speaks of history, from the brick-lined streets to the grand columns and iron gates.

Originally connected with the estate, the Carriage home has been reimagined as a lively, artistic space for guest stays, each one if its 900 sq. ft. adorned to the hilt with playful patterns and irreverent charm. A cozy patio and hot tub create a relaxing atmosphere for guests. Indeed, each home provides ample outdoor entertaining space and effortlessly draws guests from the outdoors in.

From home to home, this estate has been exquisitely reimagined for a current age. Its history has been preserved while its design has been refreshed; the home has been ushered into a new era without losing any of its original beauty and integrity. Stepping back, the estate looks like something an artist would have imagined. It has this certain intangible charm that must be experienced to be fully understood; there just isn’t another space like it. A beguiling synthesis of the historic and contemporary, Van Buren House expresses on an architectural plane the values we hold dear: grace, elegance, and welcome.

Property Details
  • Potential Inn
  • 7 Guest Rooms
  • 7 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 1921
  • Last Renovated in 2020
  • Lot is 1 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
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